Folding Reading Glasses

Mini emergency folding reading glasses in foam case


You get to a certain age when reading glasses are just part of the gig.

Forgetting them is another hazard. Now those days are over, because you can have a second pair to forget when you go out to a restaurant. At least these ones don’t come with a prescription and cost an arm and a leg. Treat yourself to a few pairs to dot about the house, car, caravan, handbag etc.

These ones fold over and fit into the small case provided and end up about the size of a small mandarin orange. You remember those, don’t you dear?…We used to have them in the war!!! “Condescending reply followed by sound of loud slap”



Emergency reading glasses that fit in your pocket, and a fantastic handy case with a belt loop and a cleaning cloth.

Glasses Strength

x1.5, x2.5, x3


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